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Ignite Your Purpose and Accelerate Your Assignment in the Marketplace

You’ve been engineered to impact every sphere of culture. You are uniquely wired to be the answer for every challenge facing our world today. Pathfinders Conference 2023 will connect you to the Purpose, Power, and Prosperity you need to influence our cities, schools, and industries.

Join us to discover and advance your calling. Be inspired and awakened by our epic line-up of proven marketplace champions invited to turn on our engines and tune them up for our specific assignment.

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Dan Ball

Interview Speaker

Emmy award winning journalist Dan Ball is currently the host of “Real America”, the Number #1 Primetime talk-show on the One America News Network. Dan is a true patriot, who has dedicated his life to the service of his fellow Americans. Dan grew up in the small Northwest Ohio farming village of Archbold. Dan hails from a middle class, divorced family, the middle child of 5 boys, he understands the issues and concerns of the hard working American family. Dan was primarily raised by his maternal grandmother, who taught Dan about the importance of conservative and Christian values. During his junior year in high school, Dan watched as America went to war with Iraq, that inspired him to enlist in the United States Air Force as a journalist. He believed one of the best jobs in the military would be keeping our brave troops informed and entertained while they serve abroad. After completing his tour of duty, Dan began his 25 year career in broadcast television news, serving communities such as, Las Vegas, Fresno, Palm Springs and Philadelphia. Like many patriotic Americans, Dan became frustrated with the gridlock and partisan fighting in Washington so he decided to do something about it. In 2017, he launched his bid for California’s 36th Congressional District, a seat once held by Sonny and Mary Bono. Unfortunately, the establishment had other plans and so did Dan. After the loss, he remained focused and became an outspoken conservative voice, which made him quickly realize that he would not be welcomed back into the extremely liberal and biased mainstream news media. Sticking to his convictions and beliefs, Dan searched for a platform that would allow him to serve conservatives and other patriotic Americans who were being silenced by Democrats, big tech and the woke cancel culture mob. In 2020, the Herring family, owners of One America News gave Dan that platform and “Real America” was born. Dan’s show is an hour long, high energy political talk show featuring political leaders and news makers of the day, ranging from elected officials and social media influencers, to conservative celebrities and everyday real Americans! For Dan, the conservative movement and mission is not just a job or even career but a way of life. In fact, it’s a family business, his fiancée, Peyton Drew works as his Talent Producer for Real America. In his spare time Dan enjoys, hiking, hunting, fishing, target practice and spending time with his teenage daughter Avery. In addition to his role as host of Real America, Dan also travels the country, speaking to Republican and conservative groups along with making appearances on conservative talk radio, tv and podcasts. Committed to serving others and highlighting heroes who serve their fellow man, Dan is proud to announce that he will be launching a brand new reality show, Hungry Heroes” on OAN and its sister network AWE this summer! The show will feature Dan travelling our great nation, profiling heroes, getting his hands dirty doing their jobs, then breaking bread with them, all in an effort to show America how our heroes fuel their minds, bodies and souls.

To reach Dan for an interview request, appearance or speaking engagement or to learn more about his show Real America or Hungry Heroes, please contact Peyton Drew at: [email protected]

Jared James

Keynote Speaker

Jared James has become one of the most followed people today on places like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn and his popular podcast "Today with Jared James" because of his no non-sense advice, motivation, and real world sales tips and videos. He’s an in-demand speaker, entrepreneur and author of the book “Get out of YOUR way!”
He is the founder of Jared James Enterprises, one of the largest coaching companies in North America, and Jarja Media, one of the fastest growing marketing and tech companies in the real estate industry.
To get his message out, Jared speaks all over the world to tens of thousands of professionals every year and was even named recently as one of RISMedia's top newsmakers and one of the top 25 most influential people in the real industry today.

Shanda Sumpter

Shanda Sumpter is the founder and Queen Visionary of HeartCore Business. With her contagious energy and proven strategies, she has empowered thousands to take control of their financial circumstances while sharing their gifts with the world. Shanda lives on the beautiful coast of California with her toddler and husband, where she runs HeartCore Business from her oceanfront home.

Dr. Phil Pringle

Founder of Pathfinders, Artist, Speaker, Author

Phil Pringle is the Founder and Leader of C3 Church Global, an international movement of over 500 churches, and the Senior Minister of C3 Church in Sydney Australia.

Here, Phil brings his pen, brush, and voice, through these books, paintings, and blogs.

We had 13 people at our first service. The congregation grew rapidly and we moved buildings, bought land and built a school. We began planting churches around Sydney, then Australia, then various parts of the world; we've now grown to close to 500 congregations in our movement.

We’ve started C3 College, a television program, Your Best Life, and Oxford Falls Grammar School, all on around 25 acres at Oxford Falls, Sydney.

"I’ve always been passionate about the arts playing a major role in the church to make her contemporary and relevant to our current world. The C3 College Creative Arts stream has developed and graduated thousands of musicians, worship leaders, songwriters, graphic artists, dancers, actors and filmmakers.

I myself also paint and exhibit in various venues and cities. I love to write, so I’ve mixed these two elements together in books like 'Inspired to Pray', 'But God' and '24 Hours That Saved The World – The Gospel of John in Art'. My other books include 'Faith', 'Peace', 'Moving in the Spirit', 'Leadership Excellence', 'You the Leader', along with my latest book, 'Leadership 101'.

I love the local church. I believe it's hope for the world.

See you in church!"

Rex Crain

Rex Crain is an acclaimed speaker, author, and catalyst for change to Fortune Five Hundred companies, professional athletes, entertainers and people from all walks of life.

As a young man, Rex walked away from a baseball career with the Boston Red Sox to pursue his passion to help people. Rex has devoted the last eighteen years of his life to helping people discover and develop their own unique qualities of greatness. His gift to inspire has taken him around the world to bring strategies and insights to elevate human achievement and performance.

Rex’s passion is to make the world a better place to live by assisting individuals to live their best life. Throughout the years he has unselfishly given his energy and resources to those in need. Rex is considered one of the nations top leaders in peak performance coaching.

Rex, his wife Katrina and daughter Kira live in Los Angeles, California.

Tracey Armstrong

CEO, Author, Success Coach

Tracey and Nathalie Armstrong travel throughout the world ministering and demonstrating the heart and mind of Christ as they are used to set people free from the bondage of sin and introduce them to a new intimacy with God.

Tracey and Nathalie are also the pastors of The Citadel of Seattle, which is one church in two locations in the Seattle area in Washington. Together with their team, they are committed to reaching this generation that is asleep spiritually and absent in most churches. Tracey and Nathalie are equipping the emerging generation for spiritual, social and economic influence.

A coach to business people and entrepreneurs, Tracey conducts a monthly attitude enhancement meeting for achievers and wealth builders in Seattle, Washington called “Creative Edge”, with the goal of introducing business people to their Creator and equipping them to use their God given creativity without limits to achieve and build wealth.

God has raised Tracey up to be an utterance of His voice for this hour, as he ministers under a powerful apostolic mantle and prophetic and healing anointing. His wife Nathalie ministers alongside him and operates under strong teaching and healing gifts. The fire of God's Spirit blazes forth to bring physical and emotional healing to every man, woman, and child who will receive it. Revival continues to burn after Tracey and Nathalie have gone on to touch other cities with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Tracey grew up with a Muslim mother and a grandmother who was Seventh Day Adventist. Disillusioned by religion, Tracey became an atheist. Through the prayers of his grandmother and many others, Tracey had a wonderful revelation of freedom through a relationship with Jesus at the age of 20 after years of drug dealing, drug abuse, and crime. Nathalie, born and raised in Holland, comes from a missionary family and discovered that God had placed His hand on her life at age 11, when her parents took her to a Morris Cerrullo Crusade in Holland. In 1993 Nathalie moved to California to work for an evangelistic ministry and married Tracey two years later. They have two sons, Tristen Samuel and Yosef Raphael and a daughter Sophia Isabella. Together they are an inseparable husband and wife team.

Tracey was ordained at Covenant Celebration Church in Seattle, Washington and was a youth pastor in Southern California for several years. Since then he has traveled both nationally and internationally as a prophetic voice to this generation. His boldness and powerful anointing builds faith in the most hardened person and change to people's lives everywhere, home and abroad. Tracey and Nathalie are committed to the local church as it moves into its most victorious days with power and purpose.

Noah Elias

"Back when I was 16 years old I embarked on an adventure. I knew I had the God-given gift of creativity and I was on a quest to discover my calling and just how I would use art to impact people. I began helping small business owners with advertising and marketing. I would work forty to sixty-hour weeks creating signs, package design, branding, and art to help tell their story and build their brand.

After years of hustle and building my own brand I began having a yearning for telling my own stories through art. Even though I didn’t have money for a major university to learn art, I knew I wanted to share stories that would impact people. I began long nights of painting fine art and started my own publishing company which created limited edition art, posters and licensed goods. It took off. I built manufacturing and marketing systems to create and market the products. I began working with companies like Universal Pictures, Costco, The Walt Disney Company, and Toyota. I’ve toured the globe selling art at auctions and galleries. As my art company gained momentum I invested into other ventures. I created a media agency doing branding, web development, and marketing of online products. It has been a dream but there has been great responsibility to these dreams.

Years of growth came with many pain points, challenges, and hurdles. I was newly married, raising our young family and building two companies. There came a point in my life when I realized that there was more to life than being a successful business man and providing for my family. In short, I wanted to help change the world using creativity and stories. More importantly, I felt called to help other creative entrepreneurs reach and achieve their dreams of building their own brand and businesses." - Noah

June Cutter

Interview Speaker // Entrepreneur, Mother, Attorney, Running for State Assembly

June Yang Cutter is running for Assembly to be a real voice for our community and for California’s middle class. An accomplished attorney and small business owner, June lives in Del Sur with her husband Ryan, a former Naval Flight Officer, and their two children. She is an “Opportunity Republican” who believes that California’s best days are ahead.

June has personally witnessed the power of the American Dream in practice. Her father was a refugee from North Korea, who crossed the 38th parallel as a young child to escape totalitarianism before the Korean War. Together, her parents immigrated to the United States in the 1960s, seized the opportunity that California offered anyone willing to work hard, and earned the middle-class dream.

June’s community involvement began on the local PTA, where she currently serves as President. She strongly believes that a great education is the key to opportunity and the door to the middle class. To her, this means making sure education dollars are spent in the classroom, and empowering parents to hold schools accountable for results.

Like many of our neighbors, June has watched the California government take more and accomplish less. She sits in traffic on broken roads, just like us. She sees the rampant homelessness in our cities, just like us. She is frustrated that California has one of the lowest-performing school systems in the country, just like us. She worries about whether her children will be able to afford living here, or whether they will want to, just like us. That is why June is running for Assembly: she sees what is happening to our home state.

June wants the middle class to have a voice again. She looks at the career politicians who represent us in Sacramento and sees that their main goal is getting re-elected, not doing what’s best for the day to day needs of people in their community. She looks at their votes, and who pays for their campaigns, and sees that they work for the special interests and lobbyists, not us. And she has had enough.

That is who June Yang Cutter is, and why she is stepping up to challenge Sacramento’s political machine. Because she wants to make sure that California remains a place of opportunity, a place that puts the middle class first, a place where the next generation can fulfill their American Dream.

Awaken Boise Campus will be attending the SLC location