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148: Your Work Is Sacred

Colin Higginbottom  |  Marketplace Coach

Video Transcript

We are finishing up our Flow Series talking around the “W” in Flow which is your work is your worship. I even heard the term “Workship” and I kind of like that, but what I like more is really breaking down what it means for my work to matter. For my work to actually be an expression of my love for God.

You know, when I first became a Christian I was in a community where the only thing you could really do that was considered sacred was that I could be a missionary or I could be a Pastor. And that’s great and I appreciate people that feel like they want to serve God and worship God that way and offer their gifts into that thing, but I felt like there was something else on my life.

I wanted to go into business and yet business was like secular and there was no meaning to God for me to use my gifts in that capacity. Oh, but if I would quit business and go into the more traditional ways- that was considered sacred.

I’m just grateful that now as part of Pathfinders and part of the community I’m in today, that I have permission to use my business gifts, my business passions to serve God, and they’re actually considered sacred when I go to work. Not just what I do on a Sunday, but really what I do on a Monday. On a Tuesday, when I’m going hard after the business that I’m building. It’s actually considered sacred.

I want to encourage you, don’t think that just your service on a Sunday or just your charity work or just your volunteerism is the sacred work in your life.

I’m going to tell you, you have permission to go all in to the work that you love and are most passionate about. Even if it pays you well. Even if you’re driven to build something remarkable, I call it sacred.

Here’s the way, though, to make it sacred. Give it to God. Give your business, your gifts, your talents, the things you love to do and you’re the best at and give them to Him. That’s how you make your work your worship.
Remember Pathfinders, we’re not here to just make a living, we’re here to make a difference.

Have a great week. 
God bless.