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143: Owning the Assignment

Colin Higginbottom  |  Marketplace Coach

Video Transcript

We are still in our Flow Series: believing that God is turning on the flow in our businesses and in our marketplace expressions. We are in the extreme ownership portion of Flow, talking around owning the assignment that we have.

You know, all of us are on this planet to do something special. Some of us though, have specific assignments in our marketplace- in our sales world. Wherever we are, there’s an assignment that we need to get done. I’ve discovered for people who successfully fulfill the assignment that they’re in, they have to own it completely.

You remember last week I was talking about how most of my life I lived as either a quitter or a camper, but I really wanted to be a climber. I want to tell you how, and what happened in my life that shifted me into a climbing mindset where I could take extreme ownership of the assignment that was in front of me.

When I was in my mid-twenties, I was at a men’s conference, and I had an encounter with God. He began to address in me that I had never given 100% to anything.

Here I was, trying to ask him what I should do about an assignment, a work assignment in that case. I was feeling like he was calling me to go after a key client called Intel. Intel was a big client, and I was intimidated by nature. I would not give 100% to that assignment because of my pre-conditioning of being cut over 15 years ago. I think a lot of us are paralyzed by incidences and disappointments that happened in our past that keep us from climbing today.

The issue was, I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t trust in my ability to produce the results.

Here’s where everything shifted for me. It wasn’t him, or it wasn’t me who was going to get this done. It was Him who was calling me, Him who was assigning me. In this case, I was hearing, I felt like I was hearing directly from God. I remember being on my knees at a men’s retreat, and hearing clearly, “Go after Intel. But here’s the issue, you need to be all in. You need to own this assignment. If you will own it, and give 100%, I’ll back you up.”

The issue there was, I was trusting not only in my ability at that time, I was trusting in Him who assigned me. That’s a key issue if you’re going to shift from being a quitter and a camper, to being a climber. It’s who are you trusting in, and who’s giving you the assignment. In this case, I felt it was God.
As a climber, I’ve learned that there are other people that have given me assignments that I can really trust. I’ve learned to trust some pastors that have given me assignments. I’ve had bosses, and owners, and people that I work with, and reps that have said, “Hey Collin, I believe you can do this. This is the job I want you to pursue. This is the contract I want you to pursue.”

Maybe I didn’t believe in my own ability, but I believed in the people that believed in me, and I had learned to transition from a camper and a quitter- and an intimated one, into being a confident climber who believes, “Man, I really can get it done.”

Our heart at Pathfinders is we believe you’re really called to climb and to own the assignment that’s in front of you.

Let’s shift today. Let’s move from intimidated camping, intimidated quitting, into confident, audacious, courageous climbing.

Remember Pathfinders, we’re not here to just make a living, we’re here to make a difference.

Have a great week. 
God bless.