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134: God Is Looking for Someone Faithful

Colin Higginbottom  |  Marketplace Coach

Video Transcript

We are in our Flow Series: believe in God that He wants to turn the flow on in our businesses. We’re finishing up the flow, which is faithful: believing that all of us who are Pathfinders want to be found faithful.

And I want to tell a story about a young lady in our organization that has consistently been found faithful. We’re in the commercial construction world and we are trusted to build some of the coolest projects in major cities on the west coast. Seattle being one of them, which is where Kate lives. We were trusted on a 40 story tower with one of our best clients. We’d never done a 40 story tower before. It was a very difficult project. It was complex and I needed somebody on our team to take ownership of this opportunity.

We had seen Kate be faithful with some of the other things that she’d done and I felt like she might be the person who could be trusted on this project. You know what, she exceeded expectations. She saw the opportunity, the “what” we put in her hand and she just made the most out of it. She took it so far that all of a sudden, not only did I recognize how faithful Kate was and how good she was with the opportunity that she had, but our clients started to recognize. Guess what? They brought us into their next tower. But guess what they asked? They wanted the faithful one to execute on this project. That’s Kate. So Kate gets brought into the next project.

What I want to say is your faithfulness will open the door for you for your next opportunities. And if you can find people in your organization who are faithful, those are the ones you want to trust with your most important opportunities.

Never put your best assets on your biggest problems. Put your best people and your best assets on your greatest opportunities and be somebody who is faithful with opportunities that are in their hand so they can be trusted with the next one.

You know, recently we were just awarded the largest contract in our history in the Seattle market. Guess who I was looking for when I wanted a hand? This add to a project manager. Any guesses? You better believe it, Kate. First one on the list, because I knew she would be faithful with this opportunity.

You know what, Pathfinders? I believe God is looking for faithful people. He actually has opportunities, got assignments. He’s got things he wants to get done. Are you somebody that he could hand something important too? Are you faithful enough to deliver the results for him or for your manager? For someone on your team?

Pathfinders, let’s be faithful. Remember, we’re not here to just make a living. We’re here to make a difference.

Have a great week. 
God bless.