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133: Start Where You Are

Colin Higginbottom  |  Marketplace Coach

Video Transcript

We are in our Flow Series talking around the “F” in FLOW, which is faithfulness. Today we’re going to talk about the one thing that best defines faithfulness. It’s what’s currently in your hand today. Yes. Most of us have big ambitions, big dreams. We want to be somewhere we’re not, but faithfulness begins where you are now. What’s currently in your business? What current clients do you have? What current opportunities? That’s what you’re going to be judged as. Faith.

Let me tell you a quick story. You know, before we started this great company, Sustainable Interiors, and started to see so much growth and awards and the volume, 15 years now of owning our own company, I actually worked for another guy. It was a good guy, too. It was a smaller business and I can’t say that I was super excited all the time about working for someone else.

I think sometimes we have these dreams to be somewhere we’re not and we lose sight of where we are today and we focus on where we want to be and then we’re not found faithful where we are. And now I found myself having to make decisions to put off the future, to be faithful with what was in my hand and the opportunity that was in my hand and I chose to make that guy a lot of money. I chose to only speak highly about him. I chose to always do my best business for his game and you know, one day the opportunity did come and I did feel God calling me to start my own company.

And you know what I did instead of doing it? I went to my boss at the time and I said: “Hey, this is what’s in my heart. This is what I believe God wants me to do, but I will only do it if you will bless me and send me off and release me.”

He said, “You know what? I see big things over you. Thank you for the integrity. You’ve shown to be faithful with me, but I bless you and release you.”

You know what I’ve found on the other side? 15 years later, I have found I’ve never had people start businesses from underneath me. I have only just found that out. What I reaped back then when I was faithful with what was in my hand and I was serving another guy’s business and just trying to do the right thing with the opportunities that were in front of me.

That seasoned seed was a seed bed for the harvest that we’re in right now, which is watching God always bring faithful people into our organization and you know what? I still have to look at today and say, “Am I being faithful with what’s in my hand?” Because you know what, 15 years later I still have big dreams. I still have things that are far off that are yet to be in my hand and the secret to me and you getting to our future is being faithful today.

Hey, let’s end with the question: What’s in your hand? What are you currently stewarding over? What are you currently working in? What’s your industry? Who or what’s the company you’re in? What are the opportunities? The clients and the team you’re on: are you being faithful or are you spending too much time dreaming about what’s to come?

Let me tell you something. What’s to come has everything to do with what’s in your hand and how faithful you are with it.

Remember Pathfinders, we’re not here to just make a living. We’re here to make a difference.

God bless.